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Amber Bubble Flower Sun Catcher

Amber Bubble Flower Sun Catcher

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This sun catcher depicts a simple blue bubbly flower with a rainbow maker crystal hanging from the bottom. It is soldered together using lead free solder with a silver finish.  This sun catcher measure 6" x 6" not including the cord or crystal. 


If you are shipping something outside of the US or Canada you may have to pay duties upon receiving the item.  I'm working on fixing this, but for now that's just how it is, sorry for any inconvenience! 

Most stained glass is made using leaded solder, but all of my items are made with Lead Free solder only. 

**Care Instructions:
Over time solder does darken, and can sometimes form a white crust along the solder line. You can clean this with the green side of a sponge, just make sure it’s dry. Make sure any other cleaning is done with a clean dry cloth or microfiber towel. 

I do not recommend hanging glass from a suction cup or command strip, I know from experience that they are not reliable and frequently fall!

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