The Complete Guide to Handmade Stained Glass

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Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Stained Glass Journey

Dive in to the captivating world of stained glass with this practical handbook for beginners and beyond. Rosie Linebaugh is an expert in making modern stained glass art easy and accessible. With her encouraging advice, step-by-step tutorials, lead-free approach and full-size perforated, fold-out templates at hand, you’ll never want to leave your stained-glass studio.

Begin by mastering foundational skills like cutting curves for a sunlit Five-Petaled Wildflower or learning how to use zinc came for a shining Glass Spider Web. Then, discover the ways that new materials and skills can elevate your pieces, like using copper foil overlay to make intricate wings on a Buzzing Bumblebee. Finally, graduate to making complex detailed panels like the radiant Sun & Moon Dreamscape with wire work details.

Not only does Rosie guide you through each phase of your journey, she also addresses the most common questions and issues that most new artists encounter along the way. And because Rosie teaches a new technique with each project, by the end of the book you’ll have everything you need to design eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces of your own!

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